Rhinoplasty Surgeon Sydney Phone Number
Rhinoplasty Surgeon Sydney Phone Number

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Pain relief for kids after tonsillectomy

  • Try Panadol in the day time and Oxynorm atnight. The Panadol must be given 4th hourly by the clock.
  • Panadol is 15mg/kg – 4 x a day but if needed it can occasionally extend to 5 x day. (e.g. if the child wakes with pain at 2 a.m.)
  • If the pain is severe use Oxynorm morning andnight and Panadol in the day time.
  • Panadol suppositories can be used if oral Panadol is refused.
  • Do not use Nurofen or Fenpaed or Fish Oil in the 2 weeks pre op and post op.
  • Painstop can be used but tastes terrible. Codeine is strong but occasionally causes vomiting and frequently causes constipation.
  • Remember pain relief can take up to 15-20 minutes to be absorbed so you may need to wait for this prior to breakfast.

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Instructions after rhinoplasty

  • Make sure you douche the nose 6 times a day.It will clear the congestion.
  • Dab the nose with a Kleenex as it will dribble blood occasionally for about 3 days. Do not wear the cotton bandage under the nose as you did in hospital. This gives nappy rash after a while.
  • You may sleep on one pillow at home.
  • Walk for at least 20-30 minutes a day. This will help the swelling drop. It is normalfor some bruising to track down the cheeks.
  • Pain relief is rarely required but use Panadol if needed.
  • Before your first post op appointment, douche the nose and use Vaseline on a cotton bud to clean the stitches under the nose.

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